Ian Gerdon

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
M.Div., University of Chicago
M.A., Theology, Saint John’s University School of Theology
B.A., Wabash College

Research Interests: ancient and medieval Christianity, Christology, monastictheology, East-West relations, Balthasar, Ecumenism, Biblical Interpretation.

Recent Scholarly Activity
“The Evagrian Roots of Maximus the Confessor’s Liber Asceticus,” 17th International Conference on
      Patristic Studies, Oxford, UK (2015).
“Divine Abandonment in Evagrius Ponticus and Maximus the Confessor,” North American Patristics
      Society Annual Conference (2014).
“Marvel & Believe: The Gnostic Wonder of Clement of Alexandria,” Meeting of the Society for the Study
      of Christian Spirituality (2013).
“St. Gilbert of Battersea,” in Sightings, The Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion
      (3 June 2010).
“Pelagianism,” “Roman Catholicism,” and “Transubstantiation,” in A Dictionary of Philosophy of Religion,
      eds. C. Taliaferro & E. Marty (Continuum: 2010).
“‘The Circumstantial Law of Nature’: Fallenness in Maximus the Confessor and the Limits of Patristic
      Anthropology,” Pappas Graduate Student PatristicsConference (2008).
“The Christology of John Damascene in The Three Treatises,” Pappas Graduate Student Patristics
     Conference (2007).

Contact Information
300 O’Shaughnessy Hall (Office)
205 Coleman-Morse Center (Mailbox)