Marjorie Housley

Ph.D. Student, English, University of Notre Dame
M.A., Medieval Studies, University of Connecticut

Marjorie Housley is an Anglo-Saxonist and Celticist focusing on the early medieval vernacular literatures of the North Seas region. Her recent scholarship has focused on gender, power, and representations of politics in early medieval literatures. She is particularly interested in the intersection of gender and emotion in Old English, Old Irish, and Old Norse literatures.

Recent Scholarly Activity
"‘Þæt wæs geomuru ides!’: Hildeburh’s Meta-Body as Critique of the Anglo-Saxon Heroic Code." International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2015

"Dreams of the Divine: Religious Visions and Affect in the Junius XI Manuscript." International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2014

Contact Information
300 O'Shaughnessy Hall (Office Hours)
205 Coleman Morse (Mailbox)