Postdoctoral Teaching Positions

The University Writing Program and the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters jointly sponsor a competitive program of teaching support reserved for Notre Dame scholars and teachers eligible to participate in the College’s postdoctoral funding year, with the degree conferred no later than August 2018. These awards are intended to offer valuable teaching experience and professionalization for building the portfolio.

Candidates selected will teach one section of Writing and Rhetoric (WR) in the fall 2018 semester and one section of WR in the spring 2019 semester. Responsibilities also include University Writing Center work, a combination of writing consultations and workshop development as determined by the University Writing Center Director, amounting to approximately 4-6 hours per week.

UWP Postdoctoral positions provide a salary of $26,000 for the academic year, $1,500 for research and professional development, and health insurance benefits. Awardees cannot concurrently accept other teaching or research responsibilities.

Applications are subject to the graduate/postdoctoral funding policy of the College of Arts and Letters. Due to teaching schedules and responsibilities, prorated or partial postdoctoral awards are not available.

Documents should be submitted electronically (PDF or Word) to Terri O’Bryan (, Coordinator of the University Writing Program by Friday, December 1, 2017. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that recommendations are submitted by the deadline.

The selection committee will consider the candidate’s overall academic performance and prior teaching experience.

Decisions will be announced in early January 2018. Candidates who are selected are required to enroll in or audit the practicum on the teaching of writing in the spring 2018 term, to attend all University Writing Program faculty meetings during the academic year, and to fulfill other responsibilities consistent with good teaching practices. These requirements are in keeping with the mission of providing support of teaching in preparation for an academic career.

Applications should include:

(1) a cover letter that addresses

a. applicant's candidacy status (department/year/main advisor)
b. candidate's dissertation topic (one paragraph only)
c. relevance of the candidate's scholarly interests to the teaching of writing and rhetoric
d. candidate's teaching history (if any) and philosophy

Teaching materials from other institutions may be submitted but are not required.

(2) a separate page listing

a. name of the applicant’s graduate adviser
b. semester and year of entry into graduate studies at Notre Dame
c. a brief history of stipend support as a graduate student

(3) a letter from the director of graduate studies confirming that

a. the applicant has defended or will soon defend the dissertation
b. the applicant is eligible for postdoctoral-year funding

(4) two recommendations from faculty members that address the applicant’s strengths as a scholar and teacher

(5) copies of existing teaching evaluations (all available CIF documentation)

(6) a current, abbreviated CV (no more than two pages)