Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric

Since digital culture and new media have dramatically impacted reading, writing, and research practices, multimedia sections of Writing and Rhetoric teach students to apply rhetorical principles across a variety of media. Students in these sections learn both print-based and screen-based literacies that address the complex realities and challenges of composing ethical, reasonable, and conventional arguments in the 21st century.

Students do not need prior technological skills to be successful in these courses, but they should anticipate spending a significant amount of time learning to use a variety of multimodal authoring technologies (which may include blogs, wikis, web editors, video editing software, and so on).

A laptop computer is recommended for this course.

What Students Say

"Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric enabled me to develop my writing skills while learning how to transform my writing style for different mediums.  The course allowed me to explore various forms of technology that do not restrict my prose to paper or a simple word processor."     - Stephanie

"I had no idea there was a multimedia section of this class when I first transferred into the section during the second week of school, but I am really glad there was. The video essay has inspired me and encouraged me to look at rhetoric and writing in a new way. I have grown so much, both as a writer and a person, because of this course!-Carter

"Multimedia is such a great class. Taking it was one of my best decisions this year! The course goes beyond simple writing to incorporate technology and multimedia. In class we didn't simply hand in our writing assignments, we mad our own web site and published them online. The technology is not just a passing topic in the course; it is the underlying theme. If you like technology or just want to go beyond simple writing definitely take Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric. I enjoyed the class very much."     -Mike