Fresh Writing


Fresh Writing is a journal of the best essays written by students in Writing and Rhetoric, University Seminars, and other first-year classes at the University of Notre Dame. The journal is published annually and serves as a text for all sections of Writing and Rhetoric at the University. 


Essays are nominated for submission by faculty teaching first-year classes. Submissions are judged according to their formal or technical merit, the strength of the argument advanced in the essay, and the strength of the prose. In addition to scoring highly in these categories of merit, successful essays stand out as exemplary when they engage new ideas; propose creative interpretations, perspectives, or solutions; or otherwise display some willingness to expand the usual first-year class conversation. Given the pedagogical focus of the publication, we are especially interested in essays that model important writing genres and/or that may promote productive discussion of rhetorical moves. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE for inclusion in the 2020 edition of Fresh Writing

The deadline for submission of student essays is January 13, 2020.


Essays written for first-year classes at Notre Dame during the spring 2019 or fall 2019 semesters are eligible for submission. Instructors should notify students of their nomination and request electronic copies of the nominated essay(s). The submitted copy should be a polished revision, with no instructor markings. Instructors then submit nominated essays using the form provided at Please be sure to include both the instructor's name and the student's name with the submitted materials. 

Any questions about the submission process or about Fresh Writing in general should be directed to the co-editors, Nicole MacLaughlin and/or Nathaniel Myers