Kasey Swanke

B.S., Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
M.A., Political Science, University of Notre Dame

Kasey Swanke studies student group identities on campus, engaged learning, academic success, and American political inequality. In addition to teaching in the University Writing Program, she is an Academic Advisor in the College of First Year of Studies and regularly collaborates with the Center for Social Concerns. She is currently researching how minority college students' identities impact their personal wellbeing and academic success. She twice won an Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award from Notre Dame’s Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

Recent Scholarly Activity
"Transparent Advising for Underserved Students."  Presented at National Academic Advising Association
     Annual Meeting: October 2017. St. Louis, MO.
“Why Does Belonging Matter? How Minority Students’ Identities Affect Their Academic Success and Wellbeing.”
     Presented at National Academic Advising Association Annual Meeting: October 2015. Las Vegas, NV.

Contact Information
212 Coleman Morse