Logan Quigley

Graduate Instructor, University Writing Program 

M.A., Purdue University, 2015
B.A., Purdue University, 2014

Logan Quigley is a Ph.D. student specializing in medieval English literature. Logan’s research considers the ways in which medieval understandings of cognition and memory shape the creation and reception of texts. He is also intrigued by spatial representation and perception, and his work brings research on spatial cognition into conversation with late medieval textual representations of space and travel. His most recent project examines Newberry Case MS 32, a fifteenth-century roll depicting the Stations of Rome, in order to better understand how spatial representation enables practices of mental pilgrimage. Find him on Twitter @lpquigley, where he won’t stop tweeting about The Lord of the Rings.

Recent Scholarly Activity
“Medieval Wanderlust and Virtual Wayfinding.” University of Notre Dame: Medieval Studies Research Blog,
     16 February 2018. 
“Mental Images and Visual Representation in the Auchinleck and Vernon Manuscripts,” English Department
     Graduate Research Symposium. University of Notre Dame.
“The Onus of the Listener: Rumor and Listening in Chaucer’s House of Fame,” Hearing and Speaking in the
     Middle Ages, Indiana University, March 2015.
“Why Y.A. Lit?: The Appeal of Young Adult Literature,” English Tea Hour, West Lafayette Public Library, April

Contact Information
300 O'Shaughnessy Hall (Office)
300 O'Shaughnessy Hall (Mailbox)