Lorraine Cuddeback

Postdoctoral Teacher, University Writing Program 

MDiv, Notre Dame 
PhD, Notre Dame

Lorraine Cuddeback specializes in social ethics, bringing the Catholic social tradition into dialog with feminist theory and disability studies, especially as it relates to people with intellectual disabilities. Her dissertation, "Liberation, Resistance, and Agency in Intellectual Disability: An Ethnographic Study for Christian Ethics," uses ethnography and cultural anthropology to examine questions about the agency and participation of people with intellectual disabilities in social spheres such as work and recreation. Her ethnographic work is featured in an upcoming article in the Journal of Moral Theology. Currently, she is working on a projects that unpack the role of intersectionality in defining "disability," and explore ways that nondiscursive knowledge shapes theology. Other honors include serving as a Louisville Institute Doctoral Fellow from 2014-16. 

Recent Scholarly Activity
“Becoming Friends: On Friendship with People with Intellectual Disabilities, Ethics, and Doing
     Theology.” Journal of Moral Theology, Special Issue: “Engaging Disability” (in publication).
“Dismodern Life: Disability, Intersectionality, and Christian Ethics.” Upcoming Annual Convention
     of the Society of Christian Ethics (January 2018, Portland, OR).
“Integral Ecology, Integral Ecclesiology: Ethnographic Method and its Implications.” Annual
     Meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America (June 2017, Albuquerque, NM).
“More Than Medicine: Healthcare and Disability in Integral Human Development.”
     The Soul of Development: 50th Anniversary of Populorum Progressio
     (March 2017, Notre Dame, IN).

Contact Information
300 O'Shaughnessy Hall (Office)
300 O'Shaughnessy Hall (Mailbox)